Deyaar Facilities Management UAE


A. Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm System

Deyaar Facilities Management have nominated subcontractors approved by Civil Defense Authority to perform maintenance of the Fire Safety of the building. Deyaar Facilities Management carefully evaluates the background and capabilities of the subcontractor to ensure the functionality of the fire safety system of the building maintenance.

B. Lift Systems

Deyaar Facilities Management is committed to supply services for the Elevator for the smooth functioning of lifting and landing, level alignment, ventilation and to ensure safety devices are functioning. This is to ensure Deyaar Facilities Management provide comfortable and easy access to the tenant.


  • Gate barrier
  • Access Control/Sliding Door

D. Building Management System

Deyaar Facilities Management provides the BMS operator with the knowledge to optimize energy usage. Deyaar Facilities Management conduct daily inspection of the equipment sensors, check the wiring and connections, verify the set points and remove presence of rust/dust. The energy consumption is closely monitored to avoid any wasted energy and to ensure all equipment are running in good condition and as per the parameter required. Deyaar Facilities Management also provide recommendations to achieve cost saving for the Client.


Deyaar Facilities Management provides services for Gate Barrier / Access Control System for residential and commercial property. Deyaar Facilities Management have a dedicated team to maintain the gate barrier and electronic lock and access system of the building. This is to control the traffic, parking usage and preserved authorized person to access the premises.

F. Security CCTV System

Deyaar Facilities Management provides a particularly vigilant team for maintaining security CCTV System for Pan Tilt Zoom, wide range, dome type camera and other types. Deyaar Facilities Management maintain the alignment, resolution and recording. This is to monitor and register all activities on a particular area of the premises and Deyaar Facilities Management Team report any abnormalities / unusual movement observed.

G. Generator Maintenance

H. Water tank cleaning

I. Cradle Maintenance

J. Façade Cleaning

Tasked with cleaning external glass surfaces at the frequency required by our customers