Deyaar Facilities Management UAE

General Manager’s Message

IMG_3603Welcome to Deyaar Facilities Management, the responsible facilities management company that is your partner in smart living!

Today, ‘smart’ is an all-inclusive term associated with superior phones, TVs, cars, homes, offices, buildings, transport and even cities. By extension, ‘smart’ also refers to responsible, sustainable living. With all the aspects of urban life coming together seamlessly, smart cities will be the norm rather than the exception – enriching not just our quality of life, but also our economy and the environment.

Comprehending such advantages, the UAE is working resolutely towards becoming a nation of smart cities. To fill in this vital industry niche, Deyaar Facilities Management is now the partner of choice to astute facility and property owners who would like their properties and assets to reap the advantages of smart facilities management. Rooted in the Deyaar legacy since 2002, our time-tested operational model uses the right team, innovative technology and principles of sustainability to offer you a comprehensive menu of services for the safe upkeep of your property – be it office and residential blocks, or installations that need critical facilities management – as well as the health of the occupants.

I invite you to connect with us and allow our experts to explain to you how we can add to the value of your property, and why we are suited to becoming your partners and assuming stewardship of your valuable assets and investments.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad A. Khamis
General Manager
Deyaar Facilities Management